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Millennials use music streaming services for extended periods of time. "The Superfruit That Works As Hard As You Do" campaign will run 0:30 second radio advertisements on Pandora and Spotify. This radio ad will target those on their daily commute and remind the listener that Ocean Spray is with them every step of the day.

Daily Commute
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This radio ad targets one of Millennials biggest problems: cravings. Secondary research reveals our target chooses 'better-for-you' foods. These products are perceived to be better because of natural, simple, and recognizable ingredients. This ad serves as a quick reminder that Ocean Spray is a nutritious and delicious alternative.

Mid-Day Craving
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This 6-second spot will play on Spotify and Pandora for listeners receiving an hour of ad-free listening; creating a positive connection to the Ocean Spray brand. 

Ad Free Listening
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Ocean Spray is a notable Thanksgiving staple — so it was only fitting to create a 15-second radio spot to maintain this status. This themed radio ad will play throughout the month of November. 

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Research shows that a quarter of the target audience identifies as Lantinx or Hispanic. Accordingly, a Spanish language version of the previous ad has been created. 

Thanksgiving - Spanish
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